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The ideal destination for cosmetic and bariatric surgery

We are quickly becoming a premier surgical center in Tijuana owing to our powerful new facility. Our treatments are just as effective as those in the USA, book an appointment with us now!

Why People Come for Tourism and Health Care to Tijuana, Mexico?

Quality and Safe Service

At Blue Medical Tower in Tijuana we are pleased to give you the best medical experience available with the most advanced technology and medical facilities under the guidance of the most qualified and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgery doctors. As a physician with many years of experience, Dr. Manuel Gutierrez has treated thousands of patients from all over the world, granting them outstanding results and complete satisfaction.

Geographic Location

The city which is within minutes of the border and just a couple of hours away from the top US cities. The international Border with the San Diego-Tijuana area is one of the busiest in Mexico and the world, which allows the exchange and flow of people on a constant basis, making it the number one stop not only for health services but also for tourism and entertainment.

Time and Service

The speed of the treatment is also key. In general, patients are treated with more warmth, friendliness, and sincerity.Our prices allow our patients to stay for their recovery in one of our 50 options recovery rooms or choose to stay at a confort hotel near by Blue Medical Tower Hopsital.


We have a bilingual patient care staff ready to answer any questions you may have regarding procedures, transportation, or accommodations.


Tijuana offers some of the best tacos in the country, along with the delicious seafood in Puerto Nuevo and the world-famous Caesar salad. As for sightseeing, there are plenty of offers in the city including Pasaje Rodriguez or Avenida Revolucion, which is known locally as ‘La Revu’, a vibrant hub of cafés, restaurants, hotels, designer galleries and outdoor performances.

Blue Medical Tower
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Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana - Blue Medical Tower - Cirugía Bariátrica en Tijuana
Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana - Blue Medical Tower - Cirugía Bariátrica en Tijuana

A Lower Cost for High-Quality Procedures

Affordable Care

Because the cost of living in Tijuana is lower, you won't have to empty your wallet to cover your medical and lodging expenses.Blue medical Tower will work only with highly trained bariatric and plastic surgeons who can provide safe, reliable, and affordable care. Patients who travel to a foreign country such as Mexico can enjoy the same (or better) care than they would in their home countries at a fraction of the cost.

Vacation-Like Amenities

As a bariatric or plastic patient, you can stay several nights in our comfortable recovery rooms at Blue Medical Tower, but if you prefer you can choose one of the Hotel or House recovery options near to our Hospital that we offer to our patients. You will also be chauffeured to and from the facilities and the San Diego International Airport or the International border. Lastly, you will have the opportunity to tour Tijuana, Mexico, a historic city filled with famous attractions and delicious gastronomy.

Access to Top Surgeons and Staff

Blue Medical Tower coordinates care with top bariatric and plastic surgeons who have received their training and education from some of the most prestigious institutions in Mexico. Plus all our staff are bilingual.

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