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Vertical gastric sleeve in Tijuana

New technologies and advances in bariatric surgery

In recent years, bariatric surgery in Tijuana has experienced a great advance thanks to the implementation of new technologies that have allowed improving surgical procedures and achieving more effective and safe results for patients. In this sense, technology has been a great ally for bariatric surgeons, allowing them to offer their patients less invasive, more precise and faster recovery surgical options such as the Vertical gastric sleeve in Tijuana.

In this post we will address different improvements in bariatric surgery in Tijuana and how they have benefited patients who require this procedure.

Robotic bariatric surgery

One of the most recent technologies in the field of Vertical gastric sleeve in Tijuana is robotic surgery. This technique uses a robotic system that allows the surgeon to operate with greater precision and control in small spaces, which minimizes the risk of complications and reduces the patient’s recovery time. In addition, robotic surgery also allows better visualization of internal organs, which facilitates the performance of more complex procedures. Although robotic surgery is a relatively new technique in bariatric surgery in Tijuana, its use is expected to expand in the coming years.

Laparoscopic surgery

Another technology that has gained popularity in Vertical gastric sleeve in Tijuana is laparoscopic surgery. This technique uses a series of small incisions in the abdomen instead of one large incision, which reduces recovery time and the risk of infection. During laparoscopic surgery, a camera is used to visualize the inside of the body and special tools are used to perform the operation. This technique is especially effective in Vertical gastric sleeve in Tijuana because it allows better visualization of the internal organs and minimizes tissue damage.

Gastric balloon

On the other hand, the implementation of new technologies has also allowed bariatric surgeons to offer their patients less invasive options. An example of this is the procedure known as intragastric balloon, which consists of placing a balloon in the stomach to limit the amount of food that can be consumed. This procedure is performed endoscopically, that is, through the mouth and without the need to make an incision in the abdomen, which significantly reduces the patient’s recovery time.
In addition, technology has also enabled bariatric surgeons to improve the precision of existing surgical techniques. For example, the use of electronic guides in suture placement has enabled bariatric surgeons to obtain more precise results and reduce patient recovery time.

Virtual simulation

Another important advance in bariatric surgery in Tijuana is the use of virtual simulation. Virtual simulation allows surgeons to practice surgical techniques before performing them on real patients, which reduces the risk of complications and improves outcomes. In addition, virtual simulation can also be used to educate patients about surgical procedures and improve their understanding of them.

Improved quality control techniques

Quality control programs have become increasingly common in Vertical gastric sleeve in Tijuana hospitals and clinics. These programs focus on ensuring that patients receive the best possible care and that procedures are performed with the highest standards of quality and safety. Quality control programs may include monitoring complication rates and implementing practice changes to improve outcomes.

Customized bariatric surgery

Customized vertical gastric sleeve in Tijuana is an emerging trend in bariatric surgery in Tijuana. Instead of having a “one size fits all” approach to bariatric surgery, treatment is customized according to the patient’s needs and goals. This may include choosing a specific procedure, modifying the surgical technique or tailoring the recovery process to meet the patient’s needs.
Bariatric surgery remains one of the most effective options to help people with obesity lose weight and improve their overall health. Technological advances and surgical techniques are helping patients achieve better outcomes and a faster, safer recovery.

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